My Big Secret Aftermath

In this post, I discuss what happened after I disclosed my big secret.  If you missed the big reveal, you can read about it here.

Now that you’re up-to-date, let’s continue:

The day after I disclosed my big secret, I went to my weekly women’s circle.  It was a big day for me.  After all, it was the first time I was walking in feeling like I finally belonged.

It wound up being a very special meeting because when it was time to do my work, I asked each woman to forgive me. One by one they took turns forgiving me and then I forgave myself.

They all forgave me because they understood it was important to me.  Most of them didn’t know why they were forgiving me, but they all said the words.

Why I needed to be forgiven?

Every time, I attended the circle meetings, I always felt like I was impersonating a woman.  Once I actually felt like a woman, it was important for my cells to hear that I had been forgiven. It was healing.

As it turns out

To truly heal, it was important for me to let go of the old programming which began when I was a child.


Here’s some info if you’re interested in joining a similar type of group near you.

For Women: Woman Within Open Circles are a safe place for you to come sit with the support of a circle of women who offer encouragement, empowerment and connection. Whether you’ve been to a Woman Within Weekend or not, an Open Circle is offered as a tool for learning more about yourself and embracing all of you. Experience what it is like to sit among other conscious and authentic women and – if you choose – you can work on an issue that has come up for you. No one is required to share and women are surprised how much they can gain whether or not they decide to share.

For men:  ManKind Project is a nonprofit training and education organization with three decades of proven success hosting life-changing experiential personal development programs for men.

I am very fortunate to belong to a wonderful group of women that support each other. How do you get emotional support?   I would love to hear from you, so please post in the comments below.


Maria Sherow is an experienced past life regressionist specializing in QHHT® serving the Big Island of Hawaii.   QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) is the process of communicating directly with your Higher Self using a breakthrough past life regression method developed by Dolores Cannon to facilitate emotional and physical healing.

She is passionate about the QHHT® work because she sees the importance in healing others as well as a tool to gather lost historical knowledge.  She looks forward to helping you find the many answers that may be hidden in your past lives.  For more information or to schedule a session, please visit

If you found this post informative, please share it.  Many Blessings!

© 2017 Maria Sherow – All Rights Reserved


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