What if one weekend could change your life?

Last year, I attended a weekend event that was so life changing; it helped me realize I’ve been carrying around a secret I didn't know existed. Sounds crazy right? This secret was in shadow and was forgotten until I attended the Woman Within® Weekend in Maui, Hawaii. The Woman Within® Weekend is a two and … Continue reading What if one weekend could change your life?

How to Deal with Mean People

It all started when I received an email from a 15 year old young man dealing with an unknown disease.  In his email he mentioned how people are much meaner and critical these days and it’s really hard for him to make friends.  As a result, he fells a sense of unworthiness, despair and loneliness. … Continue reading How to Deal with Mean People

My Big Secret

I want to tell you about my BIG SECRET.  It’s so big even my mother doesn’t know about it. Links from this video: I attended the Woman Within Weekend in Maui, HI, but there are various locations.  For more information go to http://www.womanwithin.org/ For men, check out the Mankind Project Warrior Weekend - ManKind Project … Continue reading My Big Secret

I Spoke to a Clients’ Dead Father

One of my clients came to see me because she was distraught.  She believed her father never loved her.  To make matters worst ... he had passed away and she was certain there would be no closure. During the past life regression session, I decided to try something new.  I asked the Higher Self if … Continue reading I Spoke to a Clients’ Dead Father