47 Ways to Jump Start Your New Year

It’s that time of year when we’re all creating new year resolutions.  Here are 47 ways to jump start your new year.


1. Change your thoughts. You are what you think, say and feel.
2. Increase your awareness of your thoughts.
3. Expand your thinking with new experiences.
4. Write a personal mission statement or mantra. Mine is to bombard the world with love and kindness using social media.
5. Practice gratitude. Start a gratitude journal to remind yourself of what you’re truly grateful for.
6. Look for beauty everywhere you go. Find the beautiful in everything and everyone.
7. Practice acts of kindness. It can be as simple as smiling or saying something nice to a friend or a stranger.
8. Lose other people’s opinions.
9. Eliminate bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, etc.


“There is no actual stress or anxiety in the world, your thoughts create these false beliefs.” – Wayne Dyer

10. Laugh as much as possible. You can laugh at funny movies or laugh at yourself.
11. Meditate. The best thing to do during meditation is to focus on your breathing. The more oxygen you give your cells the more alive you will feel. It’s a great way to connect with your Higher Self.
12. Be creative.
13. Draw something.
14. Listen to 432Hz music. It transmits beneficial healing.
15. Practice daily affirmations to reprogram old programs that aren’t serving you.
16. Schedule time to learn.
17. Create a vision board.
18. Find a mentor.


A smile can be understood in every language.

19. Eat more organic raw food. It’s alive and high vibrational. Fruit for energy and vegetables for protein to heal your body.
20. Only drink water to help flush out the toxins in your body.
21. Move your body. Try walking, doing yoga, or dancing.
22. Take a dance or fitness class.


“Do all things with love.” – Og Mandino

23. Schedule family time.
24. Reconnect with family.
25. Keep friends close.
26. Write letters to a few people in your life and let them know how you feel about them.


Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.

27. Enjoy time outdoors and be sure to leave your technology at home.
28.  Declutter everything in your life; your car, office, home and mind.
29. Clean out your home and donate unwanted items to charity.
30. Bring fresh flowers into your home. It’s a great way to raise your mood.
31. Surround yourself with high vibrational people.
32.  Get 10 hugs a day. Hugs boost oxytocin levels which heal feelings of loneliness.
33.  Spend time in the ocean, a clean lake or simply a bath can be very relaxing. It can wash away what doesn’t serve you.
34. Volunteer your time to a worthy cause.


“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” – Rumi

35. Review your expenses.
36. Reduce your expenses.
37. Create a budget.
38. Set up an emergency fund. It’s a good idea to have savings equivilant to a minimum of three months of expenses.
39. Get a handle on credit cards. If you can’t pay them in full every month, think about cutting them up to prevent spending.
40. Automate bill payments.
41. Create financial goals to simplify your finances.
42. Learn about different types of investments.
43. Invest in something that goes up in value.


“Failure is success if we learn from it.” – Malcolm Forbes

44. Write your top goals for this year and post them on your bathroom mirror.
45. Use social media to network.
46. Find ways to be more productive.
47. Sign up for free online reminder services.


What’s your experience?  Are any of these goals on your list?  Have you already accomplished any of them?  I would love to hear from you.  Please share your comments below.

. . .

Maria Sherow is an experienced past life regressionist specializing in QHHT® serving the Big Island of Hawaii.   QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) is the process of communicating directly with your Higher Self using a breakthrough past life regression method developed by Dolores Cannon to facilitate emotional and physical healing.

She is passionate about the QHHT® work because she sees the importance in healing others as well as a tool to gather lost historical knowledge.  She looks forward to helping you find the many answers that may be hidden in your past lives.  For more information or to schedule a session, please visit www.MariaSherow.com

If you found this content informative, please share it.  Many Blessings!

© 2018 Maria Sherow – All Rights Reserved

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